At Norwood we pride ourselves on offering our fine facilities of accommodation to everyone. We therefore provide the following information to all potential customers so that they can make an informed choice when booking their accommodation in the area:

  1. We are sited on a bus route with direct access to the bus stop from the entrance of Norwood.
  2. We have private parking on a level car park within feet of the Hotel entrance.
  3. Access to the main entrance is via two five inch steps.
  4. We offer ground floor accommodation for families and for guests who may find staircases challenging.
  5. All rooms are same level en suite.
  6. Our health and safety management systems cover risk assessments for every guest whatever their circumstances.
  7. All we ask is that you advice us of your needs when you first book your accommodation with us so that we can make sure appropriate rooms are allocated for your stay.
  8. If we can be of any further assistance please let us know.

Assuring you of our best attention;
Stuart A. McGlynn
Proprietor Norwood Guesthouse.

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